Yasha Butler



Yasha Butler is a metalsmith & ceramic artist currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Her work has been exhibited at galleries across the United States and Turkey.  She has been a resident at the Museum of Arts and Design (New York, New York) and Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts (Newcastle, Maine), and a visiting artist at Harvard Ceramics (Allston, MA).

Yasha presented her porcelain vessels in "Porselen Peyzajlar / Porcelain Landscapes" exhibition at ECNP Galeri, in 2015.


'Seduction may not be the purest of motives, but that is what I want from my work. I want the curves and slopes of my vessels to pull you softly into a moment of silent contemplation. As time disappears, I want to surround you with a sense of calm. I want you to see beauty emerging from the delicate balance of opposites - the intentional and the random, the rough and the smooth, the linear and the organic, the old and the new. I want to create work that is honest and pure. I want to express the quiet complexity that resides behind a simple facade. I want you to feel a sense of awakening as you discover that the more you look, the more you see.'